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Empowering Communities, Enriching Lives:

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Detroit, where service meets purpose and community thrives. Established in 1910, we stand as a testament to Detroit's resilience and the power of collective action. For over a century, our club has been a beacon of positive change, fostering enduring partnerships, supporting education, and championing social causes.

Our Rich Legacy:

As Club Number 16 in Rotary's global network, we have a rich history of impactful service. From our earliest days, we have united leaders, professionals, and visionaries under the shared mission of making a difference. Our legacy of philanthropy, community development, and educational initiatives continues to inspire new generations of Rotarians.

Empowering the Future

Our commitment to youth empowerment fuels our initiatives in education and mentorship. From sponsoring Rotaract clubs at universities to supporting local high schools, we invest in the leaders of tomorrow. Through scholarships, mentorship programs, and hands-on experiences, we pave the way for a brighter future for Detroit's youth.

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As part of Rotary International, we are linked to a global network of clubs and initiatives. This connection amplifies our impact, allowing us to contribute to international projects such as clean water initiatives and polio eradication campaigns. Yet, our focus remains deeply rooted in our local community, where we strive to create lasting change.

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